29 sept. 2014

Let me sing you a waltz

Let me sing you a waltz
Out of nowhere, out my thoughts
Let me sing you a waltz
About this one night stand
You were, for me, that night
Everything i always dreamt of in life
But now yo're gone
you are far-gone
All the way your island of rain
It was for you, just a one-night thing
But you were much more to me
Just so you know
I dont care what they say
I know what you meant for me that day
I just want another try
I just want another night
Even if it doesnt seem quite right
You meant, for me, much more
Than anyone i've met before
One single night, with you...
Is worth a thousand with anybody
I have no bitterness, my sweet
I´ll never forget this one night thing 
Even tomorrow, in others arms 
My heart will stay yours until i die
Let me sing you a waltzt 
Out of nowhere, out of my blues
Let me sing you a waltz
About this lovely one-night stand

(Fragment from "Before Sunset" movie)